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Paperlegends 2012: 'The Lotus Eaters' Art
Here's my art for the wonderful rchginger's 'The Lotus Eaters' as part of the Merlin Big Bang Challenge on paperlegends

Title:  The Lotus Eaters
Author: rchginger
Artist:  rainshock (me)
Artist's notes: First Big Bang! Nervous and glad to be done-ish. This literally took forever to do. All constant re-rendering and do-overs. I must have redone Arthur's face about 5-6 times. But it was a great learning experience and I had a great time doing it. (When I wasn't stressing out). Hope the end result is good enough. There's so great art this year, I feel way outclassed.

Lotus Title Bar

Arthur Pics: (Hosted on Skydrive. Click image to view gallery)

Merlin Pics:

Jump Suit Designs and Lotophagus Symbol:

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Wow, those jumpsuits are something else. The texture of the fabric rendering is pretty awesome! Well done also on the likenesses of Arthur and Merlin, I can't even imagine how long all this took! Bloody hell, amazing. Very futuristic art to suit a futuristic story. Congratulations, great job!

Thank you very much. It took a while to get done but it was kind of fun to work on.

Very nice images, what program did you use? My favorite would have to be the third picture of Merlin and all of Arthur's. Just love Arthur's hair and Merlin's cheekbones. Fantastic work!

Thank you. I used a combination of Autodesk Mudbox, Maya 2012 and Photoshop. I hadn't done hair before working on this project so that was a great thing to figure out.

Wow, It's amazing you got Arthur's and Merlin's faces so right with a 3D program, I've never dabbled in 3D, but a friend of mine explained some stuff, and it's HARD!

In harder in some ways and easier in others. I'm still not 100% happy with the likenesses but I'm glad you like the work.

Love the logo. Great job with everything.

Wow! I don't even want to think about how many hours of work you must have put into this! *shakes you* These are AMAZING. Arthur is so handsome! ;___; Thank you for sharing these with us! <333

Thank you very much :D. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I tend to spend waaay too much time on unimportant things. About 80 percent of the work I did isn't even in any of these pictures :P

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